Phitsanulok, Thailand 1970-71
Updated: August 27, 2015

Jim Buchmann was stationed at the US Army & US Air Force Radar facility in Phitsanulok, Thailand during the Vietnam War. He was assigned to the 442nd Btn Co A.
The flight over To Thailand in Aug 1970 was the tour of the pacific.After leaving Travis we flew to Alaska on the great circle route to Thailand.  Then we started to circle around  the north pacific then down.
To Wake Island. We stayed there for many hours.  Then it was back up and on the way. Seemed to go nowhere fast. Circled around the Pacific some more.  Then back to Hawaii for re-fuel.  Then back out over the pacific again for hours.
Then landed in Guam for the night. Had to put everybody up for the night. Flight crew had to rest. The next day in was off to Bangkok, Thailand.
The story was. There was this big storm keeping us from our destination. I remember looking out the window a lot. There wasn't a cloud in the sky.
We all got the impression it was a security issue and the northern route was not safe. In those days the cabin door was open most all the time.
Being a that it was a charter made the rules different. I got to sit in the check seat right behind the pilot for a long time. Too much radio for being in the middle of the pacific.

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