Phitsanulok TROPO Site

TROPO Facility in Phitsanulok
29th Sig GP, 442nd SIG BN (LL), 1st SIG BDE, Company A.


To all of the US Army, USAF and Civilians who were assigned to the Phitsanulok during the Vietnam War, hope you enjoys these photos These photos were donated by Jim Buchmann, US Army, Phitsanulok 1970-71, 442nd Btn, Co A :)

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Reply Jim Buchmann
2:19 AM on July 4, 2015 

To Everybody.

Have a great 4th of July America.

 Shall we never forget.

Reply jim buchmann
6:29 PM on June 1, 2015 


I will watch for the mail. Nothing as of this message.

Reply Rick Coogle
6:57 AM on May 30, 2015 


    Please allow this gmail account through your spam filter.


Reply jim buchmann
1:43 AM on May 30, 2015 


When the flight got into Travis. I got a pep talk to re-up.

$10,000 for another 6 years. I decided it was time to go out

in the public field. Got processed out right there at travis then flew on commercial to chicago area then a bus home.

I almost took a job with ATT in Iowa on there microwave long lines. At the time ATT handled the government com systems. Much the same as we were doing.

The thought of being out in the Iowa flat lands in the middle of no place seemed maybe worse than what we already did.

Tried to get a job with United Airlines from my flying backround. They had the pick from all the Heavy  Air Force guys coming out.

Worked for commonwealth Edison Chicago area system.

There for about 8 1/2 years  Nuclear Power Plant Control and Monitoring Systems.

Then finished up with a Global Medical company

35 years or so later on.

Fiels service Eng,  Nuclear Medicine, CT, MRI.

Instalation and Repair..

Would be nice to catch up on lost time.

More later.

some things i would not want posted for everybody to see,.

Send to me direct



Reply Rick Coogle
1:47 PM on May 29, 2015 


  Good to hear from you.  I ran across this site the other day when I searched for pictures of Jones Park at Korat to show my son.  He's a computer and eletrical engineer and understands such things.

  I remember the last few days at Korat well, as well as the trip home.  Where did you go after you got back?  Most of us went to Fort Huachuca and got out there.  I then went back to Thailand working for Federal Electric - Phu Mu, Udorn and Ramasun - for 18 months or so.  Craig Joley was going back as well, but his employer gave him a big raise to stay.  He and I have stayed on touch over the years. 

Enough for now!


Reply Jim Buchmann
10:34 PM on May 26, 2015 

Rick !! 

Yes  I sure do remember you and the others.

What a rush- Never thought I would hear from any of you guys.

I think we talked over the order wire a few ??

and i think i made one trip back to Korat during that time other than the trip home.

When i came back to Korat for the trip home . It was several days before the trip started.

Didnt we get a big BBQ going- and since the base was mostly closed. Didnt we take board off a building to fire the BBQ. I did have a picture of you and I carring this large plank from one of the barracks.

Yes I do remember Dave, George, Joley.

I dont remember much about the flight home.we all had other things on our minds then.

It was the flight over than was the most in my mind,

Seemed almost everybody on the flight over was on the same flight home even when we were all over the place.

Remember the stops on the trip over- Wake Island,

then back the oahu, the stoped over for the night in guam.

Rick we have to talk more. I just got in and it`s late.

FYI- and Others who may want to chat more.

just give it a note about those days till i get you on the list of

good rather than junk mail.

Jim Buchmann


Reply Jim Buchmann
10:12 PM on May 26, 2015 

Stephen-- Thank you with the information.

You must be the Air Force MP i remember.

You must have opened the gate to the comm site many

as we came and gone.

I sort of remember you got a Shepard Dog sometime while I was there ??.  I will get back soon. It`s late and just got in.

Thanks again.

Reply Rick Coogle
1:46 PM on May 22, 2015 

Hi Jim.  Remember Me.  I was working the LRC-3s at Korat. We traveled down to Bangkok and home together in August 71,

  Some of the guys were Dave Lanham from Korat, and George Baird from Udorn,  Joley got an early out and was gone by the time you came to town on the way home.

Rick Coogle

Reply Stephen Lindsey
12:28 PM on May 22, 2015 

Yep, I was there, 1969-1970. I was an USAF Security Policeman with the 355th SPS, Takhli RTAB, but was detached to 621st TCS, Camp Dora. We subsequently turned the base over to the RTAF and I was reassigned to the nearby Comm Site until my tour ended. Not many of us there, but a great bunch of guys (Army and Air Force). Thanks to all who served.

Reply David
12:39 PM on July 27, 2014 

Hey Jim. I'll have to dig deep in the memory banks to remember names. Too bad there is no written record, and like you said there was no internet which would have changed things. I brought a girlfriend up from Bangkok after living in Phitsanulok for a little while, and we moved to our own house a few houses up from the one in your photos. I was out during evenings most of the time. I remember Leroy sitting where you said in the office. He and his wife ran a restaurant on the road into town which you may have visited since it had some american style food. In 1980 after finishing college, I visited Thailand before settling in Taiwan for awhile to teach English. I ran into Leroy at the restaurant of the Federal Hotel (he was working on an oil platform I think). We exchanged letters from time to time after that until he had a stroke and then it ended. I remember our doctor's office had jars on shelves with fetuses in them. Weird. In the compound, we lived next to a house that had 2? black guys in the air force with their girlfriends. They loaded bombs I believe. I joined them from time to time for parties and drinking. One of the guys at work had a little dog which hung around. When he left Thailand, the dog apparently got very depressed and stopped eating though everyone tried to help it. It died. There was also a guy in the compound that had 2 dogs that I think he strictly training to be defensive I guess. Aside from the movies shown outside, I remember a Thai coming by who proposed to show us some porno for a fee. A few of us went to one of the houses and we watched it on a little screen. Bad quality and grainy and kind of a joke as I recall. Also, as I recall, the outdoor movie couldn't be shown unless the projector was hooked up to an exposed pipe which provided the voltage. I'll write again.